American Prize 2016: Semi-Finals

posted Nov 3, 2016, 1:05 PM by Eric Peterson
I'm delighted that they (finally) announced semi-finalists for the two conducting categories I applied for this year.  They combined categories, and I'm nominated twice! once for The Pirates of Penzance and once for A Little Night Music.

In an odd twist, I'm about to go to an orchestra rehearsal for another production of Pirates, this one done by the group that did Night Music last year.  Keeping up so far?  Also, this year's musical director was my assistant last year for my Pirates, and was also my Major-General.  That would be the multi-talented William Remmers, recently featured on the cover of Opera News.  Go, Bill!  Anyway, you should come see our Pirates, which opens in a week or so.

Also, now deep into Blue Hill choir rehearsals.  The repertoire is an awful lot of fun.  Stay tuned for plugs for our concerts in February and March!