Fall 2015

posted Dec 2, 2015, 1:50 PM by Eric Peterson   [ updated Dec 2, 2015, 1:52 PM ]
Wait a minute, it's already December, isn't fall over in three weeks?  Um, yes, it is.

As predicted, my life was Not My Own from Labor Day until Thanksgiving.  As soon as I got back from the Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in August, I was coaching principals for Blue Hill Troupe's A Little Night Music and preparing for the start of rehearsals.  I also had an audition immediately after Labor Day for a different job with the same theater group, as their concert and choral director.  This was my third try at this particular position - and this time I got it!

So September was about ALNM rehearsals three times a week, and prep for BHT concert rehearsals, and October was about ALNM rehearsals four times a week and the start of once-a-week concert rehearsals.  I was so busy that my long-suffering spouse had to go to Cancún by himself to celebrate a big birthday.  (Don't worry, we will make up for that later.) 

A Little Night Music went up for eight performances in November and was a joy from start to finish.  It may well be my best work as MD.  We used the full Tunick orchestration, minus some players, and the orchestral sound was gorgeous (as was the vocal sound of the cast).  I was so proud!

Now it's just concert rehearsals from here on out - a choir of approximately 40-50 BHTers will be singing an hour-long program of musical theater and G&S, given several times in March.  We did a 'state of the music' runthrough last night and we're in very good shape for this point in the rehearsal process.  Other duties that come with this job include leading BHT in Christmas caroling around hospitals (next week) and providing some assistance with the spring show, Iolanthe, which goes up in April.

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!