Fall 2020

posted Oct 3, 2020, 10:05 AM by Eric Peterson
Despite best intentions, haven't been good about keeping this up.  But of course there are no gigs or performances.


 - I was awarded third place in the opera division (professional) for The American Prize!

 - After over a half year of unemployment, I got a new 9-5 job at the Practising Law Institute!

 - Me and mine remain healthy, knock wood.

I also have spent more time at the piano in the last few months than in a long long time.  Here are some more videos I recorded.  I can now pretty much play (under tempo) all the 2-part inventions, and will record each as I get it up to speed.

As always, I'm available for audition coaching (although I don't think anyone's holding auditions now) or to help anyone with repertoire.