Spring 2014

posted Apr 25, 2014, 7:38 AM by Eric Peterson
Exciting times!  I'm in the running for the artistic director position for QUO!  I guest-conducted them back in 2010 and have played with them many times.  I'm very excited about the possibility of spending the next few years exploring orchestral repertoire, both classic workhorses and unusual stuff.  As part of it, I had to come up with a proposed season, and if I get the job, we'll actually do it.  Some great stuff in there, I hope I get the chance!

Coincidentally, I've also been pulled into the horn section for QUO's June 21 concert, World Beats.  The big piece is Copland's Third Symphony, which I have pegged for a while as being something really great I needed to learn.  The 2nd horn part has high B's and C's, eek.  But it's nice to be playing again.

Charles and I continue to plan the upcoming wedding, and we have some fun trips coming up before that.  Also, a recent houseguest taught me to knit!  She got me started, anyway.  I love it, have really been having a good time.  So far, all I can make is squares, so if you want a set of coasters, let me know!