Spring 2021

posted May 9, 2021, 5:26 AM by Eric Peterson
Still not much going on here, but I can't believe I forgot to post this to EPMS weeks ago:

Notable because I worked on that movement for ten months. I did the last movement of the sonata in college and put together the (short) middle movement last year, but I've been delighted by and dancing around this movement for essentially my entire 'career' as a pianist.  Or, more accurately, 'musician who plays the piano'.  

The sinkhole was this running left-hand passage:
Not only was that tricky, I also found the right hand tricky, with all the sustains.  I'd forget to pick one finger up somewhere along the way and my right fingers would end up in a knot.  ANYWAY... I worked it out.  My hope is that at some point, I'll turn on Facebook Live and play the whole sonata to whoever happens to be around.

I hope to have at least one, and possibly two inventions ready to record soon.  And I'm working now on the Minute Waltz and the First Arabesque, fun!

No gigs yet, but things are opening up.  And very busy, in a good way, at my 9-5 job.