Summer 2019

posted Jul 30, 2019, 3:53 AM by Eric Peterson
I have not been good about even a quarterly update here, but nothing much to update.  I have no music projects happening, I'm finding my muggle job interesting, but somewhat overwhelming, and the state of the country leaves me without a lot of extra energy.

I ticked off some bucket list items this winter and spring, though.  Playing the horn book for Britten's Albert Herring, one of the world's funniest theater pieces, was a decades-long dream.  That book is hard, by the way, and I worked my tuchus off, but I was playing very well by the run and it was a terrific experience.

I also saw not only Falstaff at the Met, which was delightful, but the last two Ring Cycle Operas. I'm not a big Wagner fan, but I can certainly appreciate his accomplishments and particularly his skill with supporting the theatrical drama and emotions with the music, which is not something all famous opera composers have in their toolbox.  I've now seen the entire Ring Cycle (in pieces, not all the same production) and was intrigued enough to acquire the scores for a study and listen-through - although, once again, no time and energy.  Maybe I can dump that into the bin of projects for the retirement I'll never actually get. :(

My Savoynet G&S buddies are about to descend on Harrogate again for Princess Ida.  I wish I were with them!  I'm going to put myself in for G&S music-directing gigs over the next few years for the specific shows I have my eye on.  I've never conducted Pinafore, for example and that's the only one of the big three left for me (I've done Pirates and Mikado). 

Horn gigs are the same way: I'm only going to get back into practice mode for specific literature.  I'll be intrigued to see what Utopia Opera's season looks like: one possibility is The Turn of the Screw.

Happy Summer!