Upcoming Performances: March 2018

posted Feb 8, 2018, 1:17 PM by Eric Peterson
As threatened, I'm playing in the orchestra for productions of two fascinating works.

March 9th-11th, Utopia Opera presents Stephen Sondheim's Passion.  I was lucky enough to see this unusual work in its original Broadway run with its original stars, especially the amazing (and hitherto-unknown) Donny Murphy.  It's not my favorite Sondheim, but I can't really say I know it with any depth; I pursued this gig in part to force myself to really get to know it.

March 17-31, Blue Hill Troupe presents Gilbert & Sullivan's The Yeomen of the Guard.  I'm very excited about this for several reasons.  First, Yeomen is an amazing score, the most operatic (and saddest) of the G&S canon.  Second, I'm a former Trouper: my first show with them was their last production of Yeomen in 2007 (I was in the chorus).  Third, they're introducing a new chamber orchestration, which means that I'll probably have a lot more to do than the full orchestration's two horns usually do.  Nobody likes to see TACET in their book; I suspect there will be very few.

After that, we have the NY G&S Society concert Patience in May - more on that later!