Winter 2013

posted Mar 2, 2013, 12:43 PM by Eric Peterson
After the three-year-straight line of back-to-back shows I conducted, it's been strange to not have any specific projects lined up.  Well, not conducting-wise anyway.  I've been singing in the Blue Hill Troupe concerts, getting the music together for my niece's wedding in April, and am booked to play horn for Easter services at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich.   I'm finally ready to do a reading of my two quintet arrangements, but will wait for all this to blow over before getting that set up.

But I'm also taking the time to regroup and recharge. 
It's a good time simply to study repertoire, maintain piano chops and refill the artistic tank before taking on the next project, whatever that may be.  I've been attending matinees at the Met, have been watching opera videos, and studying scores.  If a 'next project' doesn't fall in to my lap, there's nothing but lack of energy or audacity keeping me from putting together something myself - and I've got some interesting ideas along that line.  Watch this space!