Winter 2018

posted Jan 23, 2018, 3:43 PM by Eric Peterson
I get a lot of notices that people view my EPMS Facebook page, and I'm sure some find their way over here.  I'm sorry I don't keep this page updated more than I do.  Fall, for instance, seems to have completely slipped by.

I got home from a great trip (a Baltic cruise) in October to find out that I would be conducting Savoynet Performing Group's Patience at the International G&S Festival next summer in Harrogate (UK).  This will be my 7th festival and third time conducting.  I went immediately into planning, auditions and casting with our stage director, Robert Ray (he's Australian - we have to plan our Skype meetings around the very few hours we're awake at the same time).  The show is cast now; I can really delve into the score.  

This is the first show I've conducted for a second time; my first Patience was my first-ever show as music director, over three decades ago.  It's all in there somewhere still, but now I get to bring so much more experience to this show, which I adore.  It's going to be a lovely experience.

Other than that, the most exciting event for me was getting to play principal horn for Beethoven's Eroica Symphony with the Queer Urban Orchestra.  My orchestral experience has been weirdly light on Beethoven symphonies and I only knew the piece vaguely (except, of course, for the famous horn excerpts, which every hornist works on).  I just loved it.  It was such a joy, and it really kept me on my toes.  I'll have to post a link to some of the recordings when it's available.

I'm trying to keep my schedule clear this winter and spring, except for very specific events.  I'll be putting together a preparatory concert Patience for the New York G&S Society in May (more on that soon) and there are a couple of pit orchestras for shows happening in March and April that I have my eye on.  

As always, I'm available for audition and chamber music coachings as well.  Keep me in mind!