Winter 2018-2019

posted Dec 31, 2018, 12:24 PM by Eric Peterson
It's the last day of the year, and here we are.

Not much to update from an EPMS standpoint.  I lost my muggle job, so I'm trying to get a new position.  (I'm a technical communicator, specifically a senior business analyst.)

I did some really nice music-related things as an audience member over the last month or so: saw the Met Opera's Il Trittico, the New York City Ballet's famed Nutcracker (which I'd never seen) and a lovely early-music chamber version of the (almost) complete Messiah.  About the Nutcracker in particularly - I've always liked the score, but this Christmas season I've gained a new appreciation for how lovely and skillfully-written it is.

But 2019 has some interesting prospects for music.  I've already volunteered to play horn for Utopia Opera's February Sorcerer and April Albert Herring, mostly because I have loved Albert Herring since I first encountered it in college - one of the funniest pieces of theater (of any genre) I've ever seen.  Also, the orchestration is for a chamber orchestra of solo-caliber musicians, and the horn part is tough, so I'll be working hard to get up to it.

I've also got my eye on two shows for next season that I could MD.  More detail on those if I apply and if I get one of them.

Happy New Year!