Winter 2019-2020

posted Dec 29, 2019, 9:04 AM by Eric Peterson
Hello, all!

As always, I've been poor about updating this.  The truth is, I haven't been that active as a performer this year, not since "Albert Herring" in April, which was the year's highlight.  I started a new and draining muggle job in February that was taking most of my energy.  Sadly, it was a poor fit for me and for them.  I'd already been looking for a new job when they laid me off a week before Christmas (!!!).  Astute readers will remember that I was also unemployed last year at this time, so I know the drill.

I'd start looking for a new job right away - and I know far better now what to look for - but I also have some family issues happening so it's actually better for me to keep my schedule free for a while.  I'll probably temp or something. 

However, I did coach some friends in auditions this past month - successfully!  That's always nice.  I got pulled in to sing the Boatswain in a concert of "HMS Pinafore" as well, which was a ton of fun, and will be singing Sgt. Meryll in a "Yeomen of the Guard" concert in January.  What happens after that depends on my family issues and also what my friend's opera company season ends up being.

As always, I'm available for coaching and (short-term) horn and singing gigs.  Even rehearsal accompanying, which is always fun.  Let me know, thanks!